What is the best way to get functionality of a StateListDrawable in Jetpack Compose?

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You can use the InteractionSource to change how components appear in different states, such as when a component is pressed or dragged or focused.

Something like:

val interactionSource = remember { MutableInteractionSource() }
val isFocused by interactionSource.collectIsFocusedAsState()

//Define the textColor, the icon and the iconTint if the field is focused or not
val textColor = if (isFocused) Color.Black else Color.Red
val icon = if (isFocused) Icons.Filled.Add else Icons.Filled.Share
val iconTint = if (isFocused) Color.Black else Color.Red

    value = text,
    onValueChange = {text = it},
    interactionSource = interactionSource,
    leadingIcon = {Icon( icon ,"contentDescription")},
    colors = TextFieldDefaults.textFieldColors(
        textColor = textColor,
        leadingIconColor = iconTint

enter image description here enter image description here


val isPressed by interactionSource.collectIsPressedAsState()
val backgroundColor = if (isPressed) Color.Blue else Color.Red

    interactionSource = interactionSource,
    colors = ButtonDefaults.buttonColors(backgroundColor= backgroundColor),
    onClick = {}

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