I am using eclipse ide for android developement. I have run my application in avd of andriod 2.1. It was working fine. I worked the whole day and then i turnoff my system. The next day I launched my eclipse but when I tried launch the avd I got Missing arch-specific emulator program: E:\androidsdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe error. How to overcome ths issue and start my AVD again.


Run the SDK Manager and update everything. If that doesn't work, reinstall just the SDK manager, ADT plugin on eclipse should be fine.


In my case, this was solved by doing the following:

- Launch Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager

- Under Tools folder, Choose Android SDK Tools

- Choose 'Delete 1 Package' to remove Android SDK Tools

- Get coffee. Curse gods.

- Choose 'Install 1 Package' to reinstall Android SDK Tools

Android emulator is a deep, deep hell, unto which much time must be sacrificed. Hopefully this will add 10 minutes to someone's life.


  • I loved this step: "Get coffee. Curse gods" – Ashraf Bashir Mar 24 '14 at 16:40

I kept running into this on Mac OSX and it was driving me nuts.

I finally found out the issue was with the way I added the android tools dir to my PATH in my .bashrc


export PATH="~/android-sdks/tools:$PATH"


export PATH="$HOME/android-sdks/tools:$PATH"


I had this problem when trying to run the emulator through a symlink on the path. The emulator executable located at /usr/bin/android-sdk/tools/emulator could not find the other tool (/usr/bin/android-sdk/tools/emulator-arm) since it was being run from my home folder instead of /usr/bin/android-sdk/tools.

I fixed it by putting the following script on my path where the symlink used to be:

#! /usr/bin/env sh

#Get the folder of the script, so we can find the path
#that is relative to it
directory="$(dirname $0)"
$directory/android-sdk/tools/emulator "$@"
  • I found it worked by running /non/linked/path/to/emulator instead of /linked/emulator. – jab Mar 4 '14 at 17:04

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