I use facebook messenger chat plugin on my https://www.rkcnawada.online Webpage. In the edit page it's showing normally but when open in browser, it's not showing. I followed all the step in the facebook setting under messenger platform and copy the code given in facebook messenger chat plugin. Can somebody help me?

this site link is working 1. https://www.rkcnawada.online/login.php/?fbclid=IwAR21taH5bEoFlLYEwjxhLd70_jsrXv2tGekdeRkBuv5Upd3j2EmvnfqvQL0

this site link is not working 2. https://www.rkcnawada.online/login.php

How can i solve this kinldy help me.

  • site link 2 seems to be working on my browser. – ganjaam May 3 at 4:21

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