Everytime when I run Selenium IDE the speed control is set to "fast" It is possible to set the speed control per default to "slow"?


Put this command in the beginning of your script:

Command: setSpeed
Target: 3000

The IDE has a slow speed and a fast speed. However, this is more precise so you can control the delay per command in milliseconds. This example will have it wait 3 seconds per command.


To expand on MacGyver's response, you can put the setSpeed anywhere in your tests, not just at the beginning. For example, you can use setSpeed = 0 when checking for static elements on a page, then change setSpeed to something greater to test things like text entry, etc.


You can also use setspeed as variable, format is like this

store javascript{setspeed=250} SpeedFast
store javascript{setspeed=500} SpeedSlow

Then you can easily finetune speed by just changing in one place

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