I know there were few topics written already about this but no one answered it correctly. Is there any tool or source that encrypt (or other name) php files or php source into bytecode or binary code that can't be read by people.

Some more clue will be, there are some PHP files when you trying to open it in linux it gives you a message stating "this file might be in binary would you like to view it".

Also, I 'v heard from someone that encrypted PHP files are much faster than normal php, is this true and if so, has anyone measured the difference yet?


there are several engines that provide a good encryption like Zend Guard, but they are never 100% protected.

as for performance, from my opinion I don't think it will be faster as it has to decrypt and the run the scripts.

  • "but they are never 100% protected" - Did u break it? Do you know anyone who breaks it? Ask russian people, they cannot yet XD... so, until no one can break it, it's 100% safe. Yes, we know, 99%? XD – erm3nda Apr 11 '14 at 5:19

You can use php encoder from ioncube or Zend Guard but there are others....

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