I am following AEM tutorial wknd tutorial. I have created the project using archetype and installed it on local AEM instance. Unlike the tutorial when i create a new page i do not get the option to drag and drop components and neither am i able to find any components in side rail. enter image description here

I went to the template to edit it in design mode and enable components but could not find design mode to edit it to enable components. enter image description here

I am not sure what to do to follow along with the tutorial. Any help is much appreciated.

system console

  • Check what is the AEM version that you are using and check what is the uber-jar version in code that you have deployed, both should match. May 6 at 17:33

I was able to resolve the issue by installing the wknd project again using -Pclassic option in the maven command. The project was designed for Cloud service but after reading the description in github for AEM 6.x.x it worked.

Building for AEM 6.x.x The project has been designed for AEM as a Cloud Service. The project is also backward compatible with AEM 6.4.8 and 6.5.5 by adding the classic profile when executing a build, i.e: mvn clean install -PautoInstallSinglePackage -Pclassic

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