I was working in Django and now learning Laravel in my new job, just for curiosity, is there a similar way to assign a "temporary" variable in Blade without using the @php directive?

In Django, there is a context manager like syntax looks like this:

{% with video_count=course.videos.count %}
  Totally {{ video_count }} video{{ video_count|pluralize }} in this course.
{% endwith %}

This syntax is helpful when you try to refer through multiple layers of relationships or calling a method on the instance. Especially when the code inside with block needs to refer to that variable many times. Your template will be much cleaner.

So I was wondering if there is a similar syntax in Laravel Blade since the variable looks much longer in PHP thanks to the '->' :)

I know that the @php directive can wrap a piece of raw PHP code inside a Blade template, which is still slightly different from the scoped context variable in Django. Is there any way to do this trick in Laravel Blade?

For example a custom directive, somthing looks like this (not working tho)?

Blade::directive('with', function ($var, $val) {
    if ($var && $val) {
        return "<?php  {$var} = {$val}; ?>";
    return '@with';

Or it is more encouraged to do the assignment in the controller?


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