These are my declarations:

data CSV = String
data Table = [[String]]

write_csv :: Table -> CSV
read_csv :: CSV -> Table

data QResult = CSV CSV | Table Table | List [String]
data Query = FromCSV CSV | ToCSV Query

class Eval a where
    eval :: a -> QResult

instance Eval Query where
    eval (FromCSV csv) = QResult (read_csv csv)
    eval (ToCSV table) = QResult (write_csv table)

This is my code and the last 3 lines when I try to enroll Query in Eval are the ones giving me an error. If I use QResult I get Data constructor not in scope, and if I leave it without QResult I get Couldn't match type Table with QResult and Couldn't match type CSV with QResult.

  • Your Query type doesn't make much sense. Every query is just a FromCSV value wrapped in zero or more ToCSV layers. Every Query can be trivially reduced to a single CSV value. – chepner May 3 at 13:37
  • @chepner The Query type is much bigger, I just wrote those 2 values since I'm just starting it and want to know why it gives me an error. – Biboni353 May 3 at 13:40
  • QResult isn't a data constructor; it's a type constructor. You can't apply it to the return value of either write_csv or read_csv. You have to use CSV, Table, or List as appropriate. – chepner May 3 at 13:52
  • @chepner Well both functions return a Table or a CSV, but even if I remove the QResult it still gives me an error. – Biboni353 May 3 at 14:00

QResult is type constructor, not a data constructor. You need to use one of its data constructors to create the return value of eval.

instance Eval Query where
    eval (FromCSV csv) = Table (read_csv csv)
    eval (ToCSV table) = CSV (write_csv table)

Table :: Table -> QResult is the data constructor that you can apply to the return value of read_csv.

CSV :: CSV -> QResult is the data constructor that you can apply to the return value of write_csv.

The context is always sufficient to determine if a type constructor or a data constructor is needed, which is why you can reuse names for each.

The type constructors Table and CSV should be defined using the type keyword

type CSV = String
type Table = [[String]]

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