I am working through the course "Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency From Scratch from Udemy. I have no prior experience with NodeJS I have been following along with the instructor's code, but recently hit a snag that I cannot resolve. When trying to build the project to run test scripts via npm run dev, I get the following error:

const p2pServer = new P2pServer(bc);

TypeError: P2pServer is not a constructor

Answers I've found online seem to indicate that I'm calling an instance of the class P2pServer rather than the constructor of the class itself. This is borne out by the output of console.log(P2pServer);, which returns [Object object]. I have scoured the code for errors, and compared my code to what the instructor has on the screen. I can't seem to find any differences. Below are my index.js and p2p-server.js classes, which I think are the only relevant files.


const express = require('express');
const bodyParser = require('body-parser');
const Blockchain = require('../blockchain');
const P2pServer = require('./p2p-server');

const HTTP_PORT = process.env.HTTP_PORT || 3001;

const app = express();
const bc = new Blockchain();
//console.log(`Blockchain = ${Blockchain}`)
console.log(`P2pServer  = ${P2pServer}`)
const p2pServer = new P2pServer(bc);


app.get('/blocks', (req, res) => {

app.post('/mine', (req, res) => {
  const block = bc.addBlock(req.body.data);
  console.log(`New block added: ${block.toString()}`);


app.listen(HTTP_PORT, () => console.log(`Listening on port ${HTTP_PORT}`));


const Websocket = require('ws');

const P2P_PORT = process.env.P2P_PORT || 5001;
const peers = process.env.PEERS ? process.env.PEERS.split(',') : [];

class P2pServer  {
    constructor(blockchain) {
    this.blockchain = blockchain;
    this.sockets = [];

    listen() {
    const server = new Websocket.Server({ port: P2P_PORT});
    server.on('connection', socket => this.connectSocket(socket));

    console.log(`Listening for peer-to-peer connections on: ${P2P_PORT}`);

    connectToPeers() {
    peers.forEach(peer => {
      const socket = new Websocket(peer);

      socket.on('open', () => this.connectSocket(socket));


    connectSocket(socket) {
    console.log(`Socket connected`);

module.export = P2pServer;

Any help resolving this error would be greatly appreciated -- I'm kind of stuck with the course until I can resolve this. Thanks!

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    please see the answer below – Lior Kaminsky May 3 at 13:57

The problem is at the export of the P2pServer class should be like this (exports and not export):

module.exports = P2pServer;
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    I knew it was something painfully simple. Thank you, kind user. – OnlyDean May 3 at 13:58

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