I have installed IBM MQ in the RHEL server in the path /home0/mqm. Further, I have made a Queue Manager QM816 and its 2 queues - REQUEST_Q and RESPONSE_Q . The listener is also defined, which is listening on port 8030 on this server.

In my local windows machine I have MQJExplorer tool to manage the queues and look for any request in the request queue /send a response in the response queue.

The problem is queue manager is not able to connect to this queue. Showing error as:


Error in console is shown as :

Path: [IBM MQSeries, Queue Managers, QM816 on 172.xx.xx.xxx(8130)]
Security exit invoked: reason: MQXR_INIT
Security exit invoked: reason: MQXR_INIT_SEC
Security exit invoked: reason: MQXR_TERM
Failed to connect to queue manager: com.ibm.mq.MQException: Completion Code 2, Reason 2035
connectSelected: com.ibm.mq.MQException: Completion Code 2, Reason 2035

Going through IBM documentation, it seems like a security error. Not quite able to get as new to this thing and documentation seems to be filled with jargons. Any help is appreciated...!!!

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    That error is not displayed by the queue manager, that is the app you are running that is displaying the error. Review the queue manager's AMQERR01.LOG file for more details on the cause of the 2035. – JoshMc May 3 at 16:44
  • Thanks Josh.. the error is resolved.... it was related to channel authentication... had to remove the authentication for channels ... – Shubham Uniyal May 4 at 9:31
  • @ShubhamUniyal - you could also have fixed the problem by enabling the authentication needed for your connection rather than removing channel authentication altogether. This would be a more appropriate fix. – Morag Hughson 18 hours ago

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