What would be the correct libset and approach to achieve the behavour alike that of clojure's core.async in common lisp? Namely parkable coroutines in combination with communitation over parking (non thread-blocking) channels.

Taking a look at calispel, chanl and cl-coroutine but can't get how to achieve it. Is it even possible, or i should use some kind of java approach with thread pools / futures + channels (blocking queues?) ?


This looks a bit like lparallel, at least that there is a thread-pool and 'go blocks' are executed in that pool where within the block the operations like <! >! do block.

  • Thanks! That looks good. Though i can't find any facility for select / alt over multiple queues anywhere in it's docs. Pretty sure there's none. How would you achieve this functionality in lparallel ? – leetwinski May 3 at 17:21
  • Not entirely certain. But you could setup multiple 'channels'. AFAIR 'channels' in lparallel are kind of a queue between caller and worker. – Manfred May 3 at 17:50

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