When setting a label's style to 'Windows', the label gets its correct on-the-fly fonts, but with any other style the font is dictated by Windows, irrespective of whether or not seFont is included in the label's StyleElements property.

Is there a simple way to set fonts whilst using the 'Windows10' style?

Btw, I use the command TStyleManager.SetStyle('Windows10') in the Form's OnCreate event.

  • I have found a workaround for (part of) my problem by using TEsLabel instead of TLabel. TEsLabel is fantastic and provides lots of nice properties, including the ability to change the color of the font. No need for difficult things like stylehooks. It is a pitty that there is no TEsLabeledEdit in 'Essentials for VCL 1.4'. So I am still am interested in sample code or tools to get it done with standard components. – JGMS May 5 at 17:23

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