I'm trying to create a method that returns a QuerySet or parcels with their distance from a given point (by LAT, LNG).

The problem is that it returns error:

def get_closest_parcels(cls, lat: decimal.Decimal, lng: decimal.Decimal, county=None) -> ParcelQuerySet:
    return Parcel.objects.annotate(distance=point_dist(lat, lng, F('lat'), F('lng')))


geo.pyx in h3._cy.geo.point_dist()

TypeError: must be real number, not F

My goal is to find 5 closest parcels.

Do you know how can I do that using Django ORM?

  • F() is an expression(a SQL expression to be exact) not a value. – Adrian Klaver May 4 at 15:23

Use ExpressionWrapper.

return Parcel.objects.annotate(distance=point_dist(..., ExpressionWrapper(F('lat'), output_field=DecimalField()) ,...))

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