The code works fine on Windows 10,
but I'm getting TargetInvocationException in Windows 8.1 when using uwp bluetooth APIs in my .NET 5 winforms app

enter image description here

inner exception is

Class not registered (0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))


private BluetoothLEAdvertisementWatcher BTWatch = new BluetoothLEAdvertisementWatcher();

in my project I have added reference to "UwpDesktop-Updated" package & windows SDK 10.0.17763.132 is installed on my Windows 8.1 machine.

enter image description here

Let me know how to fix this issue occurring on windows 8.1


TargetInvocationException when using uwp bluetooth APIs in .NET 5 winforms app

I'm afraid you can't run it in Windows 8.1 system, please refer BluetoothLEAdvertisementWatcher document, the support lowest version is Build 10240, and it will not work in Windows 8.1 system.

  • so what are the possible options to make it work? I mean what if I use other versions of .net like 4.0?
    – Nitin S
    May 6 at 9:58
  • It's more related with OS system. UWP api only works in windows 10 device. May 6 at 10:01
  • I just want BLE to work in C# code on windows 8.1, not possible even with winforms?
    – Nitin S
    May 6 at 10:03
  • please use pure desktop api or third part library to approach. May 6 at 10:04
  • the issue is that I couldn't find any ble apis for desktop so I decided to implement the uwp ones. let me know if you have any reference to the desktop apis. thanks
    – Nitin S
    May 6 at 10:14

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