I'm looking for a library where I can make a line chart with a lot of data points where the user can zoom in on a particular range.

I have looked at ft_chart which seems to be geared more towards fancy display of a few data points with fancy animations. I tried it anyway but can't find any information about any zooming functionality at all.

I have looked at charts_flutter by Google, but immediately ran into trouble because it's not null safe. There do seem to be a few answers on SO about how to set the zoom behavior in this library, except I can't get this library to run.

The last library I looked at that seems to have a few search results about zooming is the syncfusion_flutter_charts library, but this is a commercial library and I'm developing an open source app.

Is there any usable flutter library that can draw line plots with a large number of data points that offers zooming and panning functionality?

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