I'm trying to extract text from html below and I can't, can you give me any idea how to do it? Thanks in advance. This is the text, more precisely I want to extract text 2 and I can't because it doesn't have a class.

<div class="jobsearch-InlineCompanyRating icl-u-xs-mt--xs jobsearch-DesktopStickyContainer-companyrating"><div class="icl-u-lg-mr--sm icl-u-xs-mr--xs">TEXT 1</div></div>
<div>TEXT 2</div>

Whatever I try in this formula ( title = soup.find('div', class_='...') ) gives me something else only TEXT 2 does not.

  • I am not aware of Python but I know HTML and Js. So my idea here, if it is a possibility try (nth-child) concept or (not having class) – Muthulakshmi M May 6 at 15:58

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