I have a weird situation where a straight assignment to a field in TClientDataSet results in NULL irrespective of what the value is. The code in question is below:

cdsMain->FieldByName("CustomerID")->AsString = CustomerID;

CustomerID is of the type String. When I inspected the TField, the only one that stood out was the readonly Validating property, which was true. However my OnValidate callback is NULL and so is other events associated with this TField. When I make the Validating property to false (in the debugger), I see the value that is assigned (with no code executing). When I inspect a 'working' field, it's Validating is false. Embarcadero has no information on this property in their help page. Any idea on what this property might be and why I am seeing this behavior? Thanks.

IDE: C++ RAD 10.1 Berlin OS: Win 10

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