I just created a fresh Jhipster 7.0.1 project and I'm trying to use the Jhipster Control center.

In the official page, it says:

As soon as an application registers on a server (consul or eureka), it will become available in the list.

I just started all my microservices, they are all registered in the Jhipster registry but they are still not showing up on the Control center.

Am I forgetting to do something? I didn't do any extra configuration, just created the project and started.

  • Do you see the Control Center in the registry? Is it configured as an eureka client of the registry? – Gaël Marziou May 11 at 8:35
  • Hello @GaëlMarziou I don't see the Control center in the registry. I used the docker-compose file inside the jhipster docker's folder. – Tanino May 14 at 16:52

To use JHipster Control Center, you must edit src/main/docker/jhipster-control-center.yml to configure it to use your chosen discovery service (in your case Eureka with the JHipster registry).

The instructions are in the jhipster-control-center.yml file comments, you got to set 2 environment variables in jhipster-control-center.yml and remove "" prefix from ports in the jhipster-registry.yml file.

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    It Worked, thank you! – Tanino May 15 at 19:59

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