When I run this code

require Readline;
my $rl = Readline.new;
my $string = $rl.readline( ':');

I get this error-message:

You cannot create an instance of this type (Readline)

When I use useto load Readline it works. Why does require Readline not work?


Since require causes the module to be loaded at runtime, the lookup of the Readline symbol must also be deferred until runtime. This can be done using the ::('Type::Name') syntax, as follows:

require Readline;
my $rl = ::('Readline').new;
my $string = $rl.readline( ':');
  • One can revert to the usual syntax, and avoid repeating the runtime lookup code, by indirecting via a term, like so: require Readline; sub term:<Readline> { ::('Readline') }; my $rl = Readline.new;. – raiph May 10 at 23:13
  • 2
    No, it feels like a hack; would be better to keep track of it as being a name that wants a late-bound lookup to be produced by the compiler. What if it's a multi-part name? – Jonathan Worthington May 11 at 11:17
  • D'oh. :) Thanks. For later readers: I'd tested creating a multi-part term -- sub term:<foo::bar> -- and that worked to refer to a bar in the foo package. But I hadn't tested using a single-part term -- sub term:<foo> -- and then trying foo::bar to refer to the same bar in the foo package, and that instead yields a run-time error. I've deleted my comment asking jnthn if he thought it made sense to have the compiler do the term trick. I've left my original comment, and my upvote of his, as a tip then warning for later readers. – raiph May 11 at 16:08

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