I am building a chat application using react, node.js and socket.io.

I have the following hook that I use for connecting and disconnecting

useEffect(() => {
        const { name, room } = queryString.parse(location.search)
        socket = io(ENDPOINT)


        // New user joins room
        socket.emit('join', { name, room }, (userNamesPresent, error) => {

        return () => {
            // User leaves room

    }, [ENDPOINT, location.search])

and I handle it in node like this

io.on("connection", socket => {
    socket.on("join", ({ name, room }, callback) => {
        const { error, user } = addUser({id: socket.id, name, room})
    if(error) {
        return callback({error})
    // Emitting a welcome message
    socket.emit('message', {user: 'admin', text: `Welcome to the chat ${user.name}`})

    // Broadcasting to everyone except the connecting user
    socket.broadcast.to(user.room).emit('message', {user: 'admin', text: `${user.name} has joined ${user.room}`})


    // Get the users in room 
    const usersPresent = getUsersInRoom(user.room)

    const userNamesPresent = usersPresent.map(user => {
        return {name: user.name}


socket.on('message-sent', (message, callback) => {
    const user = getUser(socket.id)

    io.to(user.room).emit('message', {user: user.name, text: message} )


socket.on("disconnect", () => {
    console.log("User has disconnected")


When I leave the page (go back to the previous page for example) I get the following error

enter image description here

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As per the docs, instead of doing socket.emit('disconnect') in your cleanup function of useEffect since disconnect is a reserved event name in Socket.io, you can use socket.disconnect().


As per socket.io website there is disconnect is reserved keyword so you cannnot use it as socket.emit('disconnect') instead of it use it as socket.disconnect() and it will work.


I have a similar issue, not using react but just nodejs and socket. The error 'disconnect is a reserved event name' shows when reloading the page and or closing the browser. Here is the snippet:

socket.on('disconnect', function () {
        console.log('user disconnected: ', socket.id);

        // remove this player from our players object
        delete players[socket.id];

        // emit a message to all players to remove this player
        io.emit('disconnect', socket.id);


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