I want to display the current position in the Hint of a TTrackbar but it is never displayed on my android device. Showhint is true... Is that an Android thing? Any other way I can have a floating info on TTrackBar in Android?

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    Hints as we know them on Windows, are not supported on Android. – nolaspeaker May 10 at 15:47
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    When would the hint show? On Windows, hints show when the mouse is hovered over the control. Unless there is an external mouse connected, which is actually possible, but unusual, there is no concept of "mouse hover" – Dave Nottage May 10 at 21:21
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    @DaveNottage: I suspect the OP is having the trackbar's "position tooltip" in mind. This is shown when the mouse is used to move the thumb (that is, while the LMB is depressed). I suppose this corresponds to dragging the thumb with a finger (thumb or not, no pun intended) on the Android device. – Andreas Rejbrand May 11 at 13:35
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    @AndreasRejbrand Which is not supported by Android ;-) – nolaspeaker May 11 at 16:03

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