I'm trying to create an entity using Jhipster with the following command.

(My-base-project-directory)$jhipster entity Author

This entity has a Nationality Enum inside it. When i want to add the field, Jhipster asks the following questions:

Do you want to add a field to your entity? Y
What is the name of your field? nationality
What is the type of your field? Enumeration (Java enum type)
What is the class name of your enumeration?

when i want to input "nationality" or "nationalityEnum" as class name, i get the following error:

TypeError: cannot read property 'includes' of undefined

I'm using Jhipster auto-generated monolithic project with java and react and I run the commands in my project's root directory. my Jhipster version is 7.0.1. I would appreciate if any one could help.


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