I am using a jhipster project with embedded elasticsearch container, I am writing a service to re-index all elasticsearchRepos, I am new to spring mvc..

Currently my approach is:

entityList = Jparepository.findAll()

My question is do I need to use deleteAll?

Or does saveAll overwrites the previous overlapping data automatically?

Is there a better approach to reindex elasticsearchRepos?


Depending on the size of our data loading all into memory via findAll might not be a good idea. I would use pagination and save/update each page. There is small module which is doing it in smaller batches. Not sure if it is already updated for jhipster 7 but you can have look at the code


  • Thanks for the suggestion, is deleteAll operation required in this? – Utkarsh Sharma May 11 at 8:05
  • As the entities are indexed with a stable ID you don't need to delete everything from the elasticsearch index before. You may delete the index before but it should not be required: github.com/geraldhumphries/… – atomfrede May 11 at 8:26

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