How can I get the number of characters of a highlighted text in Tkinter text boxes?

I tried subtracting the starting and ending points with:

sel_first = float(self.text_box.index("sel.first"))
sel_last = float(self.text_box.index("sel.last"))

but since there can be an infinite amount of characters in that line, it didn't work.

  • What sort of length? Number of characters? Number of pixels? – Bryan Oakley May 11 at 2:32
  • Number of charcters. – user15515999 May 11 at 2:32

Indexes are not floating-point numbers, so you can't do floating point math with them. They are strings composed of a line number and character number separated by a period.

If you want the number of characters between two indexes you can use the count method:

nchars = self.text_box.count("sel.first", "sel.last", "chars")[0]

Note: this returns a tuple, because it can return the count of multiple things at once ("chars", "displaychars", "displayindices", "displaylines", "indices", "lines", "pixels", and "ypixels")

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    Bryan Oakley you are pro – user15515999 May 11 at 2:40

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