In C++ Builder 10.3, i have a TComboEdit component that i use for search purposes: when typing (OnTyping event) it drops down automatically and searches for the corresponding entries in the DB, then the user selects one to access the detailed data. The problem is, when i am deleting characters, at the time i delete the last one, the TComboEdit component selects automatically the one that was previously selected, and it triggers the OnChange event that i use to fetch the detailed info about the selected entry and display it on screen and prevents me from emptying the search field by keeping the return key pressed. Can you help me please ?

  • I really would like to help you but I'm using a very old version of cppbuilder and don't know the internals of TComboEdit. However, I had recently a similar problem with the old TComboBox, and I solved it by subclassing and redefining WndProc(TMessage&) in order to intercept and handle as I wanted the messages CBN_SELCHANGE, CBN_SELENDCANCEL, CBN_EDITCHANGE and so on. – MatG May 11 at 18:08

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