Recently, I get this error, and all Delphi-related project/file creation items are missing:

The project can not be loaded because the required personality Delphi.Personality is not available..

What I need to do is select "Manage Platform" and then RAD Studio will reinstall some components and restore the project menu.

However, the issue will occur again when I close and re-open RAD Studio.

I did not have such a problem before. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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    Do an uninstall and then reinstall. Three's not much else you can do other than that, and if that doesn't work, contact EMBT support directly for help. – Ken White May 12 at 12:55

Deleting the .dproj file and opening the .dpr or .dpk, which recreates the .dproj, fixed it for me. HTH

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