I'm testing Google Calendar API v3 and the only fields missing are location and attendees uppon getting calendar events. I'm using REST interface (google oauth2 and the user I'm logged in with is the calendar owner) and I can make all the desired CRUD operations, but for some reason, location and attendees are ignored. If I use the same payload (copied from console output) with Google API explorer or Postman it works... what am I missing?

Sample playload:

POST https://www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/[YOUR_CALENDAR_ID]/events?key=[YOUR_API_KEY] HTTP/1.1

Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

  "end": {
    "timeZone": "Europe/Lisbon",
    "dateTime": "2021-05-13T10:00:00+01:00"
  "start": {
    "timeZone": "Europe/Lisbon",
    "dateTime": "2021-05-13T08:00:00+01:00"
  "attendees": [
      "email": "[email protected]"
  "location": "Batcave"

I'm using Ktor, and this is the code:

client.post<Event>("https://www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/${calendarId}/events") {
    body = event
    parameter(API_KEY_PARAMETER, apiKey)
    header(HttpHeaders.Authorization, token)

where Event:

data class Event(
    val id: String = "",
    val status: String = "",
    val created: String = "",
    val updated: String = "",
    val creator: Attendee,
    val start: DateLabel,
    val end: DateLabel,
    val summary: String = "",
    val description: String = "",
    val location: String = "",
    val attendees: List<Attendee> = emptyList(),
    val maxAttendees: Int = 5

data class DateLabel(
    val date: String = "",
    val dateTime: String = "",
    val timeZone: String = ""

data class Attendee(val email: String)
  • Can you provide more information about the REST interface with which you are doing the failing request? Is there any code involved? Are you doing that exact same request? (needless to say it's also working for me via Try this API).
    – Iamblichus
    Commented May 13, 2021 at 12:16
  • @Iamblichus question updated
    – GuilhE
    Commented May 13, 2021 at 12:22
  • @Iamblichus I've found it, beginner mistake of course, wrong object reference...
    – GuilhE
    Commented May 13, 2021 at 15:03


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