I'm new to Delphi and I'm trying to change a panel position dynamically at runtime. By default, my panel in this form has the Alignment property set to 'taLeftJustify'. At runtime, by pressing a button I create this new form and pass the kind of alignment that the user selected for the panel (left, right or center). According to this information, I change the form accordingly like so:

In my main form:

MyForm := TCustomForm.Create(Self);

On my new form:

procedure TCustomForm.PassAlignment(const alig: string);
  if alig = 'LEFT' then
   Panel4.Alignment := taLeftJustify;

Whenever this code runs, nothing happens, no matter the position the user sets it to. My form stays at the default position it originally was set before the object creation.

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    Do you mean Panel4.Align := alLeft (aligns the panel) instead of Panel4.Alignment := taLeftJustify (aligns the caption of the panel)? – Andreas Rejbrand May 13 at 16:55
  • Errm, you are setting the alignment of text shown on the panel, i.e. its TAlignment. That's not the same as the alignment position of the form. – MartynA May 13 at 16:56
  • As I said, I'm new to Delphi. Thanks for the information. – Gege GMF May 13 at 16:58
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    If in doubt, press F1 on the code (in this case "alignment" and see what the help files say. – Dsm May 13 at 17:09

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