Can you recommend a faceted query browser that I can point at a SOLR index? Ideally this would be something that looks like an Endeca-built GUI, where the various facets are extracted from the index, the user clicks on one and is now shown the applicable facets for the remaining items, eventually culminating in a subset of the original data. It's easy to make individual Lucene queries against the index but for debugging purposes I would rather use a pre-built browser than roll my own.


Collex and Blacklight are two faceted Solr browsers, but I don't know if they're generic enough for your use-case.

EDIT: The Solr 3.2 distro now includes the contrib package Solritas (AKA VelocityResponseWriter) that can be used as a generic faceted index browser.

  • The link to Collex seems to be broken, and I wasn't able to find a working link to it. – Brad Mar 1 '12 at 20:57

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