My app was recently removed from the play store for missing the privacy policy inside the app.

APK REQUIRES VALID PRIVACY POLICY​ Your app is uploading users' Primary Account information to ************ without posting a privacy policy in both the designated field in the Play Developer Console and from within the Play distributed app itself.

I fixed this issue in the app and created a new release, but for some reason, the status of the review is stuck at Ready to send for review. How do I change this to In review?

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    I’m voting to close this question because it is a question for Google Play developer support, not a question about programming as defined by the help center. – TylerH Jun 4 at 19:35
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    Disagree, if it doesn't fit here where else does it fit? There even is a Google-Play-Console tag and 100s of similar questions.For all you know the answer could have been "fix this in the AndroidManifest file first" too. – Merthan Erdem Jun 5 at 10:03

You need to go to publishing overview (left side under dashboard) and confirm again. Then the status should change to "in review" after a while.

Pretty unintuitive, nothing else points to that.

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    Thanks a ton! Finally got the app submitted for review. – Pratik Baid May 14 at 12:06
  • Glad I could help, took me a while to find this last time... – Merthan Erdem May 14 at 12:23
  • @PratikBaid same happens with me, do we have to make changes in Facebook, Google Sign in as it directly goes inside the app without T&C?? – Rohit Singh May 14 at 16:26
  • @RohitSingh you can use app-privacy-policy-generator.firebaseapp.com to generate the privacy policy as they cover the case where you are using 3rd party login provider. I also had an option for users to view the privacy policy inside the app. – Pratik Baid May 14 at 17:00

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