I am trying t execute ada multi program using batch file but I am getting this errors:

_d_dtof _d_dmul

For the below line: long float := long float (int) * long float;

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    long float := long float(int) * long float; This line only specifies data types without specifying variables. Multiplication and assignment only work on variables or initialization of constants, not on data types. – Jim Rogers May 14 at 13:55

I think he mean to say for variables only for example

long float : a, b, c; integer : x; NOW...

a := b(x) * c;

even I got the same errors for that line but the difference is when using IDE (Ada multi 7.2.4 tool) I did not got any errors, but same code when I used using command promt I got errors. Which means a run time library is unable to link those errors.

I got the below errors... _d_dtof _d_add _d_div _d_ftod _d_sub _d_itod _d_utod _d_dtou

and the code is in Ada language.

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