I'm doing a udemy tutorial on learning selenium.

This piece of code doesn't work when using chromium version 88 in the console to validate css locator on the username field of facebook:


However, this works:



The Udemy tutorial is using $("....") for css selector. Did the standard change? What's going on?

I went here hoping for some official documentation but it doesn't explain it: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Web_Console/Helpers

Is there another source I can use to learn QA usign selenium besides the course that I bought @ udemy?

I found this helpful but doesn't explain why $$ should have been used: https://testersdock.com/find-validate-xpath-css-chrome/

Udemy's tutorial used $x(...) for xpath and $(...) for css locator but apparently, the latter is wrong?

Important: Is there official documentation I can learn from?

Appreciate your help in advance, G

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