I am trying to print SM symbol on report which is using Delphi 6 form to insert symbol on quick report panel.

Alt + 8480 is the symbol in word but when I tried same in Delphi 6 it either change in to box or ?.

When I see ascii character list it contain copyright, trademark etc. but it does not contain Service Mark symbol and I can print service mark symbol in Delphi 10.3 so I believe it is the issue with support of Unicode.

Anyone have idea how to do this in Delphi 6,7.


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    Does quick report support Unicode in Delphi 6/7? Why are you fighting on with a pre Unicode Delphi? – David Heffernan May 15 at 6:44
  • Thanks for your message, Actually in Delphi 6 forms are created similar like Quick report. I believe they are extended components of quick report or Simple Delphi form exists in rpt format. When I execute these rpt files in Delphi and whenever I entered ALT + 8480 for the lable it keep there and as I press ok It changed into ? mark but it works in Delphi 10.3 – Shazeb May 15 at 7:08
  • As David just said, old Delphi versions do not support Unicode out of the box... – whosrdaddy May 15 at 7:56
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    Judging by your reply to my comment I wonder if you fully appreciate that Delphi 6/7 don't support Unicode text in their string type. – David Heffernan May 15 at 10:58

Because pre-Delphi 2009 Delphi string is not Unicode, but has a CharSet (aka CodePage), you won't be able to directly encode this on Delphi 6,7 on most systems. Some asian charsets may be able to display it, but it will work only if the Windows system non-Unicode app charset is set as such.

Of course, you could try to switch to an Unicode version of QuickReport - using WideString instead of string. But I doubt there is any for Delphi 6/7. Or switch to a newer version of Delphi. But I doubt it is possible for you.

What you could do easily is:

  • just write '(sm)' text with the current font;
  • or draw it by switching to a smaller font size, manually writing the two small sm characters, then switch back to the normal font size - I guess QuickReport may have some event for custom TCanvas drawing;
  • or try to find a font including the ServiceMark glyph in its main #0-#255 page (but I don't know any).
  • Hi Arnaud, Thanks for your replay. I thought the same if unicode does not work I will put either SM Image logo or Smaller font. Just want to make sure that Delphi 6,7 does not support that I feel most of other views are similiar like that. – Shazeb May 15 at 12:28
  • Thank you everyone – Shazeb May 15 at 13:14

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