I am using atom text editor and when I am activating my virtual environment the name is not written in the start so while programming I am not aware that the environment is activated or not.

The environments in my library are as following. Checking environments

when I activate using command activate MyDjangoEnv but the name of the environment is not shown in brackets like it is usually there. I am always confused that the environment is activated or not while installing the libraries.

Following picture explains my issue. Name of venv not shown in terminal window

  • Check if your environment variable VIRTUAL_ENV_DISABLE_PROMPT=1... or you can change it using export PS1 based on you requirement. – Shivendra Pratap Kushwaha May 16 at 6:30
  • Did you launch Atom from the command prompt? Some packages require it to do in order to ensure full access to env vars. – idleberg May 17 at 9:12

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