I am in Delphi 10.2.2 Tokyo and trying to do a simple regular expression search. I'm sure I've done this before but it's not working.

It doesn't work whether I Ctrl-F search in the current source file or I Ctrl-Shift-F Find in Files.

I have researched this to make sure I understood the special characters & their meanings.

Anyway, search string fun.*e I assume will find any function declaration with an e in its name.

It finds nothing! I have tried a variety of searches like this - they all are finding nothing.

Case sensitive unchecked.

Whole words unchecked.

Search selection unchecked.

Entire scope checked. (for Ctrl-F, in current source file, search)

And, of course, Regular expression checked.

If I Search in Files I get the Search string 'fun.*e' not found popup. Period.

However, if I Ctrl-F I am seeing (current unit) 31 matches found in dark green down in the "search bar" and if I scroll through the unit, I am seeing the matches (highlighted in orange). But the cursor does not move to the first (or any) match. If I hit F3 immediately after doing the search (and seeing 31 matches found) I am getting the Search Match Not Found Restart search from the beginning of the file? popup. And if I say Yes I am back to seeing Search string 'fun.*e' not found!

I don't know if I might've changed some setting or option or whatever. I cannot imagine that I have. But I need to use Regular Expressions for searching.

FWIW, "normal" searches are working fine (whether Regular expression is checked or not).


I had Tools | Options | Editor Options | BRIEF regular expressions on.

Turning this off has fixed my issue.

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