Running npm run dev (gatsby develop) on MacBook Pro M1 chip exit with Error: Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module

Running npm run dev MacBook Pro intel chip works fine.

I've seen similar post which did not solved my problem :

I've update my node version in case any fixes had been made but I still got the error on node v16.0.0

On this github issue they recommend to follow theses steps which did not work.

rm -r node_modules/sharp
yarn install --check-files

On this github issue they recommend to install NVM and downgrade node version. NVM has some difficulties to install on my M1 chip so it is not a good option for me.

I have also tried to do the following steps which did not work as well

rm -rf node_module
rm package-lock.json
npm i 

Any idea what can I do to fix gatsby develop on M1 chip ?


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Following these steps from this discussion solved my problem.

  1. xcode-select --install
  2. brew install gcc
  3. brew reinstall vips
  4. brew info vips
  5. npm i

Then you can run gatsby develop


I had to downgrade node from 17 (nvm is ideal here) - it worked on 14.

  • great solution - make sure you remove node_modules, downgrade to node 14, and then npm install again Jan 8 at 14:17
  • this is the only missing answer from all other solutions, thank you! Apr 22 at 22:14

I tried this command, it will probably workout for you too. all you need to do is to install sharp with unsafe perm which gonna fix the error

npm install sharp --unsafe-perm

keep in mind that this just fix it for the time being and i suggest you to update the xcode command line tools for the main fix

  • 1
    This worked for me. Nice solution! Jan 25, 2022 at 19:31

Resolved by removing the current vips

brew remove vips
rm -rf node_modules
yarn install


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