I am new to C programming, I am trying to run a code snippet that create a dynamic array of struct object and then uses scanf to save values. When I run the code in code blocks it works just fine but throws memory access exceptions in Visual studio 2019

I am attaching code snippet and error trace.

    struct Student
    int rollNumber;
    char studentName[10];
    float percentage;

int main(void)
    int counter;
    struct Student studentRecord[5];

    printf("Enter Records of 5 students");

    for (counter = 0; counter < 5; counter++)
        printf("\nEnter Roll Number:");
        scanf_s("%d", &studentRecord[counter].rollNumber);
        printf("\nEnter Name:");
        scanf_s("%s", &studentRecord[counter].studentName);
        printf("\nEnter percentage:");
        scanf_s("%f", &studentRecord[counter].percentage);


    printf("\nStudent Information List:");

    for (counter = 0; counter < 5; counter++)
        printf("\nRoll Number:%d\t Name:%s\t Percentage :%f\n",
            studentRecord[counter].rollNumber, studentRecord[counter].studentName, studentRecord[counter].percentage);
    return 0;


Exception thrown at 0x7C9AEF8C (ucrtbased.dll) in linkedList.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00500000.


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You need to specify the size of the buffer (in characters) for the string format specifier, ie %s.

scanf_s( "%9s", studentRecord[ counter ].studentName, 10 );

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