As a front dev trying to understand Cloud functions, I would like to get a login link for my Stripe Connected users (using Oauth Stripe V2, They register and get an AccountId, I would like to pass this Account Id to Stripe to let them connect to their dashboard) I don t understand why my arguments are not passing through the following nodeJs function / it returns :

loginLink: Error: Stripe: Argument "account" must be a string, but got: undefined (on API request to `POST /accounts/{account}/login_links`)

exports.loginLink = functions.https.onRequest(async (req, res) => {
  const accountId = req.query.id;
  console.log('this is accountId ---->' + accountId);
  const loginLink = await stripe.accounts.createLoginLink(
  return loginLink;

And called in Dart / Flutter as follow

Future<void> getUrl() async {
    HttpsCallable callable = FirebaseFunctions.instance.httpsCallable('loginLink');
    dynamic results = await callable.call(<String, dynamic>{
    'id': 'acct_***********',});
    print (results.data);
    String urlLink = results.data;

Change the accountId in the loginLink cloud function from:

    const accountId = req.query.id;


    const accountId = req.body.id

Explanation: req.query "is an object containing a property for each query string parameter in the route" while req.body "contains key-value pairs of data submitted in the request body"


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