I have an application that has been running for 10+ years. It's written in Delphi 6.

Last week a customer reported an application error on reading a specific Imagelist.

While I can understand such errors during development, I do not understand why such error suddenly appears in an application where imagelists should be compiled in. Especially one that has not been touched for years.

Can anything in the windows / language environment influence reading on ImageLists that are compiled into the EXE ? The customer is using Korean windows. Or is there other places to look for the reason ?

It should be noted that the client does not have any development environment to this application, and is very unlikely to be anything but an end user.

Error message box with title "Application Error": Exception EReadError in module pixellated.exe at 000200DB. Error reading HotImageList.Bitmap: Invalid ImageList1

(note: I had to blur a few details in the image for security reasons, I hope this should not affect the general question)

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    Hint: Try Alt+PrntScr to create screenshots. – Andreas Rejbrand May 18 at 8:20
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    @AndreasRejbrand of course, but I only have this from the customer, unfortunately. I am unable to replicate the issue here. – MyICQ May 18 at 8:22
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    I realised that was probably the case after I had already written the comment, sorry! Well, at least it is a pretty moiré pattern. – Andreas Rejbrand May 18 at 8:23
  • In the mainform of the application, the list in question is simply XXXXHotImageList: TImageList; – MyICQ May 18 at 8:30
  • There were all sorts of weird things with D6 image lists. Things like graphics drivers made a difference. What you really need here to dig deeper is a detailed report on the state of your program when this error is raised. Tools like madExcept and EurekaLog will give you that. – David Heffernan May 18 at 9:29

I suspect this to just be a follow up: your code could access any .Bitmap and due to bad pointers overwrite parts of the TImageList. Ask the customer if he can reproduce this error, then try to reproduce it yourself.

As per Delphi 5 sources (don't have them for 6 or 7) this happens in:

procedure TCustomImageList.CreateImageList;
  FHandle := ImageList_Create(...);
  if FHandle = 0 then raise EInvalidOperation.Create(SInvalidImageList);

...and that's also the only place where SInvalidImageList is ever used. ImageList_Create() may fail, but there's no chance to find out why. One possible reason is that COMCTL32.DLL indeed is a "wrong" one and your customer now has a version of it that behaves differently, while all the years before it was another (and now nobody knows which).

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    This is more a comment than an answer... – fpiette May 18 at 9:40
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    I would have prefered a comment, too, but it's too long and needs too much formattings to be a comment either. – AmigoJack May 18 at 10:00
  • Seeing this code: Memory issue maybe? (Or anything related: too many resources/handles/...) – Jan Doggen May 18 at 13:06
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    You can try to get the version info of the comctl32.dll that’s being loaded. Then compare it to another systems version... – R. Hoek May 18 at 18:53

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