I built tiny http server (Delphi 10.2) to return some calculations to client on-line. I used page producer with TPageProducer.HTMLFile set to local file. The test.html file has reference to css file on local disk like: <link rel="stylesheet" href="data/style.css"> in the head section. It works from Firefox styling my html.

To be able to serve this css file from local folder I handled WebModule.BeforeDispatch:

procedure TWebModule1.WebModuleBeforeDispatch(Sender: TObject; Request: TWebRequest; 
  Response: TWebResponse; var Handled: Boolean);
  LocalPath: String;
  if Request.PathInfo.StartsWith('/data/') then
    LocalPath := DataPath + StringReplace(Request.PathInfo, '/', '\', [rfReplaceAll]);
    if FileExists(LocalPath) then
      Response.ContentStream := TFileStream.Create(LocalPath, fmShareDenyWrite);
      Assert(Response.ContentStream.Size > 0);
    Handled := True;

When I run my server and go to address: http://localhost/data/style.css I obtain proper contents of style.css file in a browser window as a result.

Why is it not used as style for my HTML file even if it is correctly read in OnBeforeDispatch when using address like http://localhost/test.html?

It seems that one file (CSS) is referenced from other (HTML) and this makes things cluttered.

  • "It works from Firefox styling my html .... Why is it not used as style for my HTML file" - seems like a contradiction to me – Remy Lebeau May 18 at 14:35
  • I have two files: 1) test.html which has has reference to external "data/style.css". When I open test.html in Firefox it loads style.css right. I try do the same with Delphi. I run my http server, in Firefox go to address "localhost/test.html". My server sends test.html file to Firefox and during parsing test.html Firefox asks next request to obtain data/style.css... And style.css is sent to Firefox too (I can see it watching Delphi transfers and Firefox Network debug window (F12)). But Firefox does not use this style.css and test.html stays unstyled. – m227 May 18 at 15:58
  • Did you verify your server is sending the correct HTTP headers for style.css? Maybe they are wrong and FireFox doesn't know that style.css is an actual CSS file? Hard to say since you did not show the actual HTTP traffic – Remy Lebeau May 18 at 16:17
  • Did you try putting a breakpoint in your code at your if statement, so you can check the actual value of Request.PathInfo... – R. Hoek May 18 at 18:41
  • @RemyLebeau You're right. Thank you for your help. I added Response.ContentType := 'text/css'; and problem solved. This is my first http server so I did not realize that it is not as simple as file server and headers must be provided. – m227 May 19 at 7:17

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