I am using the Graph package in R for maxclique analysis of 5461 items.

The final output item which I get is very long, so I am getting the following warning:

reached getOption("max.print") -- omitted 475569 rows

Can somebody please provide me the pointers with how to increase the limit for max.print.

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    you may want to find a suitable output format and export that way. Once your data gets big enough printing to the R console rapidly becomes more of a pain than it's worth. Jul 20 '11 at 9:55

Use the options command, e.g. options(max.print=1000000).

See ?options:

 ‘max.print’: integer, defaulting to ‘99999’.  ‘print’ or ‘show’
      methods can make use of this option, to limit the amount of
      information that is printed, to something in the order of
      (and typically slightly less than) ‘max.print’ _entries_.
  • hello aix: see the resulting output:$maxCliques[[179798]] [1] "n4301" "n4630" "n4480" "n4977" "n4427" $maxCliques[[179799]] [1] "n4301" "n4630" "n4480" "n4592" $maxCliques[[179800]] [1] "n4301" "n4630" "n4480" "n4328" "n4595" ... why it starts at “$maxCliques[[179798]]” instead of "$maxCliques[[1]]", so odd!
    – Jay
    Jul 20 '11 at 8:31
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    @Jeol: R prints the whole thing, but by default the console only store the last 8000 lines of output. Go to Edit -> GUI preferences... -> lines, and increase the value. Then Save... and OK. Jul 20 '11 at 13:04
  • This solution didn't work in my case - after running options(max.print=100) and then head(df, 30) I'm seeing a list of column names instead of data rows.
    – RobertF
    Sep 26 '19 at 13:24

See ?options:

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    options(max.print = .Machine$integer.max) is the most extreme version of this Apr 2 '17 at 17:48

set the function options(max.print=10000) in top of your program. since you want intialize this before it works. It is working for me.

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