I am trying to compile a large document with several chapters and about 100 tikzpictures in total. It works fine when I compile single chapters but I run into tex memory errors if I compile all chapters at the same time.

I'm using pdflatex and the latest miktex.

My initial solution was using --extra-mem-bot=... and --extra-mem-top=... settings, but I noticed that while the document compiles without errors, the PDF has some very random errors, e.g. a few words of a regular text sentence can go missing.

Now I tried the tikzexternalize library without the memory-settings, but it seems one of my tikzpictures requires extra memory to compile even in standalone (a scatter plot of about 2000 datapoints).

Is there a way to setup this single tikzpicture to use extra memory when compiling? I am also thankful for any other strategy on compiling my document.

  • Random errors sounds more like something going wrong in the code than actual memory problems. Can you show your .log file of such a random error case? – samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz May 18 at 19:32

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