Im using the material-UI theme in Atom (MacBook Pro, 2021). I wish to make some of the UI text bigger, ex the text on tabs, menus, buttons, welcome page and so on. (note: I don't mean the text/code in the actual editor!).

For example, I wish to make the text of these menu options larger. (print-screen from Atom):

I can't find this option in neither the atom settings, nor the material settings. I've looked at the material less-files but I don't understand them. Searched google and SO but I haven't found a solution that works for me.

Please keep in mind that I am a beginner if you have an answer!

  • Firstly, welcome to SO! You may find this is better an operating-system level change of the DPI .. however, we're much more here to help with specific code questions of the form "I tried X, but it did not do what I expect and instead resulted in an error!" accompanied by a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example – ti7 May 19 at 16:54
  • @ti7 This is not an OS question. Atom supports customizing pretty much any part of its UI. And questions about "software tools commonly used by programmers" are explicitly on-topic. Not all questions need to be debugging questions. – wjandrea May 24 at 23:59
  • 1
    @wjandrea the original question was mighty light on details, but is much better now! – ti7 May 25 at 2:51

Atom comes with a user stylesheet that one can use to override almost all parts of the UI. For example, you can add the following to increase the font-size of all DOM nodes by 120% – except the text editor itself:

html:not(atom-text-editor) {
    font-size: 120% !important;

If you want to make more granular changes, you will need to use more specific CSS selectors. Fortunately, you can use Atom's built-in developer tools to inspect the selectors of the editors

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