I am importing lots of functions from a module

Is it better to use

from my_module import function1, function2, function3, function4, function5, function6, function7

which is a little messy, but avoids flooding the current namespace with everything from that module or

from my_module import *

Which looks tidy but will fill the namespace with everything from that module.

Can't find anything in PEP8 about what the limit for how much you should import by name is. Which is better and why?

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If you really need that many functions, you are already polluting your namespace.

I would suggest:

import my_module

Or, if my_module has a long name use an alias:

import my_long_module as m

If it's between one or the other, use

from my_module import function1, function2, function3, function4, function5, function6, function7

See "Explicit is better than implicit." in import this.

If you just want a shorter name than my_module.function1, there is always import my_module as mod.

For the few functions you use many times (either type many times so you want a short name or in a loop so access speed is important), there is

func1 = my_module.function1

With a little bit of management you can control what import * imports. Say your my_module has function1..function8 but you only want to make functions 1 through 6 available. In your my_module, reassign the __all__ attribute:


__all__ = ['function1', 'function2', 'function3' ...]

def function1():

# etc...

Now if you use from my_module import *, you'll only import those functions and variables you defined in the __all__ attribute from my_module.py.

  • What if the module is some inbuilt or 3rd party module which you cannot or don't want to edit? – Pushpak Dagade Jul 20 '11 at 12:35
  • Then you probably couldn't/shouldn't do this. I assumed by the file name that it was something he's creating. – Manny D Jul 20 '11 at 12:39
  • @MannyD - that's correct, however in other places in my code I need to import function9..functionN – Jim Jeffries Jul 20 '11 at 12:51

I suggest you solve the problem by splitting up your module by grouping the functions appropriately and putting the into separate modules.

Kugel's alias approach is fine, too - though I wouldn't encourage using an alias like "m". :o)

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