I want to access some flashvars in my preloader to a Flex application. How is this possible?

Regards Adlertz


Try the loaderInfo.parameters attribute of the preloader.


From the preloader, you should be able to access the flashvars indirectly through the SystemManager as follows:

var systemManager:SystemManager = parent.parent as SystemManager;
var params:Object = LoaderInfo(systemManager.loaderInfo).parameters;
  • I think the loaderInfo attribute of all sprites in the display tree point to the same LoaderInfo instance, so there is no need to dig up the system manager. But I could be wrong. – David Hanak Mar 25 '09 at 9:16

I have accessed the flashvars using loaderinfo from the root of my preloader-sprite.

var flashvars:Object = root.loaderInfo.parameters;

The tricky part was to know when the root wasn't null. But I found a blogpost:


  • root.loaderInfo is the same as loaderInfo, when root is not null, see my comment to Raul's answer. – David Hanak Mar 25 '09 at 10:32

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