When I run this line in my code,

from keras.utils import plot_model

I get the following:

"ImportError: cannot import name 'plot_model' from 'keras.utils' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/keras/utils/__init__.py)"

When I went to bed last night it was working. This morning it throws an error. What happened and what should I do? Thank you. Any suggestion would be appreciated

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Try to import in the below format

from keras.utils.vis_utils import plot_model

This week I've had the same problem, with this import it works.


This worked taking from TensorFlow documentation

from keras.utils.vis_utils import plot_model
model, to_file='model.png', show_shapes=False, show_dtype=False,
show_layer_names=True, rankdir='TB', expand_nested=False, dpi=96
  • Thanks for the second line. The import was good but the function was throwing errors.
    – Sachin
    Apr 16 at 7:30

In the recent version of keras, plot_model function has been moved to vis_utils (visualization utilities) under the utils module. So, you can get your plot_model function to work using either of these imports:

from keras.utils.vis_utils import plot_model


from tensorflow.keras.utils import plot_model
from keras.utils.vis_utils import plot_model

The plot_model was previously in Keras.utils, but it can be fetched from vis.utils Copy paste the above code, and it will work

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