Installing jhipster and create sample blog with jhipster

cat /etc/hosts       localhost
#    localhost

check pom.xml and define used port is 8090 enter image description here

check running port: enter image description here Above shows that port 8090 is not used, and ./mvnw should be able to run in given port

After run ./mvnw it keeps saying java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address.

I use ubuntu 18.04 install both java 8 and 11 from digital ocean and run maven in both

nb: already apply solution from similar question such as here, there, with some points out that an error with /etc/hosts. After change my /etc/hosts like above, it still leaves me with same error

Any help? Thanks

  • Could you please add full error with stack trace if any. Maybe it's not about the servlet port, depending on which options you selected, it could be another port (see jhipster.tech/common-ports) or maybe not related to ports at all. – Gaël Marziou May 27 at 7:47
  • seen your link, and none of them was running on my ubuntu, so it should be no problem. Full log here. Thanks btw – machmum May 27 at 8:55
  • OK, so it's not about ports, only about IP address. You could set a breakpoint in Undertow.start() under debugger to inspect what it really binds to. – Gaël Marziou May 27 at 9:52

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