I want to show the leaflet map in angular application As I have used the angular formly for application with tabs because In my application I have to create the dynamic forms

In third tab I have to place leaflet map and remaining tabs containing form fields So my problem is to create the map in the tab(used formly)


//Areas covered

export class ProcessComponent implements OnInit {

areascoveredForm = new FormGroup({});
areascoveredModel: any = {};
areasOptions: FormlyFormOptions = {};

  // Measure Details form
  measureDetailsForm = new FormGroup({});
  measureDetailsModel: any = {};
  measureDetailsOptions: FormlyFormOptions = {};

//In area coverd tab I need to placethe map

areacoveredFields: FormlyFieldConfig[] = [

//need to place the map


<mat-tab label="AREAS COVERED">Tab 1</mat-tab>

In normal I know How to place the map but in this angular formly tab format I am facing the issu

Can anyone help me regarding this.

  • Have you tried this solution? How to create the leaflet map in angular formly
    – BrayoKane
    May 28, 2021 at 8:45
  • Tried but facing the problem with including the custom component(leaflet component)in in existing component where ever I have used the formly and in module.ts Can you help me regarding this
    – user1
    May 31, 2021 at 8:33


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