I use jhipster springboot and angular 7

I have a problem to send moment date from front to backend.

I have this example :

 var dateObj = '2021-08-5';
    var momentObj = moment(dateObj);
    var momentString = momentObj.format('YYYY-MM-DD');
    this.student.startdateJc= moment(momentString);

the date is sending in this format : enter image description here in backend I have this code :


I found that the date before saving in database in java code (studentDTO.getStartdateJc()) is 2021-08-4T21:00

and the date in column after saving in database is 2021-08-4 18:00:00

meaning the date is reduced 3 hours from front to backend and reduced others 3 hours to save in database

the column type in database is : startdate_jc timestamp without time zone,

and in java code : Student.java

 @Column(name = "startdate_jc")
    private LocalDateTime startdateJc;


private LocalDateTime startdateJc;

and I have this config in application.yml

        open-in-view: false
            hibernate.jdbc.time_zone: UTC

and the time zone of my server and the client is (UTC+03:00) Kuwait, Riyadh

I want to save in the database this date 2021-08-5 00:00:00

so deactivate the impact of time zone from front and backend

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    Your code is very strange, why storing date as a string in student before JSON serialization? And also you strip time. – Gaël Marziou May 29 at 15:47

One way is to store it as Unix Time Stamp (just a number). Then you can easily convert it to any time zone related date format you want. I would recommend this approach as it makes it the most flexible.

Always try to keep it simple. And stepping over 3 TimeZones and solve this with code just to keep the timestamp human readable is too error prone and time consuming.

Another approach is to store it as a string, but please, don't do it.

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