I think there is a method within ruby or rails that does this but I can't remember where to find it or how to search for it, so I was hoping stackoverflow's collective wisdom might help. I don't mind writing a method to do this, but I'm sure someone has a better solution.

  • I don't know of any ruby functions that will make that sort of conversion. You're probably better off writing your own function to do it for you. Don't forget to check your boundary conditions!
    – ean5533
    Jul 21, 2011 at 11:47

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number_to_human(1200, :format => '%n%u', :units => { :thousand => 'K' })

# 1200 => 1.2K

If your number happens to be 1223 the accepted answer output would be 1.22K, include the precision parameter to reduce this to 1.2K. Also, if your number could be a wide range of numbers in the millions and billions, then best to cater for these also:

number_to_human(1200, :format => '%n%u', :precision => 2, :units => { :thousand => 'K', :million => 'M', :billion => 'B' })
# => "1.2K"

number_to_human(1223, :format => '%n%u', :precision => 2, :units => { :thousand => 'K', :million => 'M', :billion => 'B' })
# => "1.2K" 

number_to_human(1223456789, :format => '%n%u', :precision => 2, :units => { :thousand => 'K', :million => 'M', :billion => 'B' })
# => "1.2B" 

Take a look at Rails Number Helper, The method number_to_human_size might be what you need.

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